Pizzeria Ross Pomodor

Wood fire pizza and ....more

To place your order call 09 3606257 or send an email to staff@rossopomodoro.co.nz with your order, name and contact number!

Available from Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to 9pm.

Delivery available only for order of $50 or more.
Other delivery areas $10 ( if possible ). Extra charges might apply for outer areas.
Delivery of your order is normally approximately 45 minutes, depending on the area we deliver to.
During our peak periods (Friday and Saturday nigh/t) delivery can take up to 75 minutes
We recommend to place order earlier and we will manage to be at your place at time requested.
We always try to deliver as soon as we can but when it is rain we get twice as many orders and the time to deliver the food might be longer.
We deliver your pizzas in our eco-friendly boxes and we carry them on large polyester box to keep your pizza warm and tasty as you have just received from our pizza oven straight to your table.
We accept cash, eftpos, Visa/ MasterCard using our mobile terminals.
Note : On Monday only we serve our take away pizzas from Pane e Vino Italian restaurant located in 20 Williamson Ave - Grey Lynn


Deep fried crumbed sides from Italian tradition. We only use vegetable oil.

Potato croquette (V) = with garlic and parsley (3pcs)   $8

Arancini siciliani di riso = Rice balls filled with mozzarella cheese (3pcs)

Choose Spinach (v) OR Pumpkin (v) OR Beef   $9    

Choose Mushrooms/Truffle (v) OR Pork/basil pesto    $11

Fresh Mozzarella (2pcs)         $8

Pizza Classic:

With tomato base and fresh mozzarella cheese

Berta = Ham/salami/chicken/red onions/black olives                                                   $20

Boscaiola (V) = Mixed mushrooms                                                                                  $16

Crudaiola = Parma ham/buffalo mozzarella/basil                                                          $21

Formaggi (V) = Buffalo mozzarella/zola cheese/parmesan cheese                               $20

Hawaian = Ham/pineapple                                                                                               $16

Marinara (V/Vegan) without cheese = oregano/garlic/basil                                         $11

Margherita (V) = Basil                                                                                                       $13

Piccante = Spicy salami/red peppers/chilli                                                                     $19

Prosciutto e porcini = Ham/porcini mushrooms                                                            $19

Rosso Pomodoro (V) =Tomato base/buffalo mozzarella/basil                                      $20

Sorrento = Salami/anchovies/sundried tomato/black olives                                        $19

Tommy = Ham/mushrooms/anchovies/black olives                                                      $19

Verdure (V) = Aubergine/courgette/potato/basil                                                          $19

Zola = Parma ham/zola cheese                                                                                         $20

Pizza Bianca

Without tomato sauce

Italia (V) = Bufalo mozzarella/sundried tomato/basil/parmesan cheese                               $20

Nuvola = Buffalo mozzarella/potato/Parma ham/parmesan cheese/basil         $21

Teo = mozzarella cheese/potato/mushroom/sausage                                                   $21

Pizza speciale

Americana = BBQ sauce/mozzarella cheese/chicken/red pepper/red onion                      $19

Antonella (V) = Tomato sauce/basil pesto/buffalo/aubergine/courgette                    $20

Amore = tomato sauce/mozzarella cheese/ham/salami/chicken/sausage        $19

Pesto pollo = Basil pesto/tomato sauce/mozzarella cheese/chicken/sundried tomato         $19

Paradiso = Tomato sauce/mozzarella cheese/Parma ham/Porcini mushrooms       $20


Panna cotta = Italian cream custard. Ask your waiter what topping of the day.     $10

Tiramisu = The classic Italian dessert mouthwatering with savoiardi from Italy soaked in espresso coffee with marsala wine and layered with rich mascarpone cream.  $12

Gelato Italiano = 150ml mono portion of delicious top Italian imported gelato.

Ask for available flavor.                                                                                                    $5